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Universal Principles refer to concepts that are the basis of everything in existence. These inescapable truths are the building blocks of our understanding of reality and beyond. Although many of these ideas are timeless and are constantly on display, the facts remain obscure and unknown by the majority of people. The mission here is to provide an introduction to four of these principles with the intentions of encouraging readers to look beyond the current understanding of what reality is and to question the current societal paradigm. The four that will be addressed here is The Principle of One, Sacred Geometry, The Sacred Spiral and Frequency and Vibration. These concepts call for a great deal of contemplation to grasp the depth of their relevance. Understanding and incorporating these principles in one's life, has the ability to transform one's perception of life in a multitude of ways. 

The first principle may be the most difficult to conceptualize. This is The Principle of One. Meaning that everything that is, is connected and separation and individuality is an illusion. It may be hard to believe, but it has been known for hundreds of years and modern science has confirmed this concept. What has been discovered is that what appears to be empty space is actually a field of energy that connects universes, galaxies, stars, planets, all of existence.  This connection is established through the mysterious "dark matter" which is undetectable to the naked eye but has been observed through the use of computers and telescopes.

The neural connections that exist in the brain are remarkably similar to the manner in which dark matter connects the cosmos.

The spiritual practice of "interconnectedness" was the foundation of indigenous cultures throughout the world for thousands of years. They were aware that all life forms were connected, which is why nature was revered in such a high regard. Though this principle has been known by the ingenious people of the planet for millennia, modern scientist have come to an understanding about 90 years ago.  What scientists have determined is that only 4% of matter is physical, 23% is dark matter and 73% is dark energy. Which basically means, the general understanding that most have of reality, is extremely limited. In other words, the majority of reality is not detectable by our senses and what can be, is what creates the illusion of separateness.

Another ancient concept that has been validated by science is that there is an universal consciousness, mind or field that exist throughout the universe that pervades all of existence. What many have defined as God, Akasha, The All, etc.., is a consciousness that generates and intrinsically connects everything from sub atomic particles to galaxies and beyond.  What populations throughout the world have been recognizing as a divine energy for centuries has been known by the top scientist for decades now.  One of the most brilliant scientist to ever live was Albert Einstein. As far back as the early 1930's, he came reluctantly came to this realization and stated "Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe-a spirit vastly superior to man." He also concluded that "Behind all discernible concatenations, there remains something subtle, intangible and inexplicable. Veneration for this force is my religion. To that extent, I am in point of fact, religious".  Einstein recognized that there was an lifeforce of intelligence that all things are connecting to, that is expressed through certain laws and physical objects within nature.

This a belief that circles the globe and goes back tens of thousands of years. You will find in practically all religions this belief that everything that is, is a result of this energy, consciousness, life force, or depending on your belief, God, Allah, Jehova, Jah, Yahwa, Oldumare, MAAT, etc. The principle of "One" has always been. It's just much of what we are aware of is limited, so our understanding of it is as well.


The second principle is the Principle of "Sacred Geometry". What has been illustrated by ancient cultures in many parts of the world, is that this divine consciousness creates through frequencies, vibrations, patterns, physical geometric shapes, and numbers. All of these have been intertwined into what today is referred to as "Sacred Geometry".  This principle is incorporated into the origin and development of life itself.

Every living creature starts as single cell. It begins to divide itself repeatedly until it becomes a particular "form" or species. In biology this is referred to as "Meiosis". After the third division, there are eight cells. This shape is called "The Egg of Life" Everything that has life or spirit follows this process and develops from this pattern. Sacred Geometry is present at the primal stages of life.

As the cell continues to divide,  there is a specific and ancient pattern called "The Flower of Life" that is formed. Through the development of these geometric patterns, this conscious spirit brought creation into being. Everything in existence is formed through "The Flower of Life" and what are referred to as the five "Platonic Solids". This is the basis of all that is the material and non physical world, and these features are found in all animate and inanimate objects. This is the mechanism of Universal Consciousness that generates physical form.  For more in depth information please refer to the brief video "The Flower of Life" from the extremely informative "Spirit Science" series.

"The Flower of Life" - Part 6 of the Spirit Science series

What is also considered a part of Sacred Geometry, is Phi, the Divine Proportion, the Golden Ratio, or a more common expression of this equation, Fibonacci's Sequence. These numerical pattern appears throughout nature and seems to be one of the building blocks of the universe itself.  The Fibonacci Sequence predates Leonardo of Pisa (Fibonacci), though his name is associated with it. He was the first major European mathematician to document his findings in a book titled Liber Abaci in 1202. It is well known that he traveled to and learned from scholars from Africa, Byzantium and Syria. This where Leonardo learned the Arabic number system. The divine proportion has been identified as being a part of the ancient Chandas or Vedic studies that date back to the 5th century B.C. There are several examples of the Golden Ratio existing throughout India, but it is Virahanka who provides a definitive explanation of the numerical pattern as far back as 700 A.D. The Divine Proportion is also incorporated in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza, which indicates that knowledge of it goes back to antiquity.

This numerical sequence has astounded mathematicians and scientist for centuries. The sequence is the sum of the two numbers that precede it. It looks like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, until infinity. Although it is not equivalent to Phi, it strives to become closer to it. What is most compelling is, though it seems rudimentary, this pattern appears in all forms of nature from plants, to people, to the universe itself. Although it is not absolute, it appears in such high frequency, that it's relevance is worthy of study.

Here is another brief video from the Spirit Science Series that explains the concept in more detail.

"The Mathematics of God" - Part 10 of the Spirit Science series









































Light is one of the most powerful sources of energy we have and without it, the vast majority of life as we know it, wouldn't exist. The light of the sun has been shown to be therapeutic in a multitude of ways. It causes the release of hormones that impacts our behavior, mood and overall health. All of what we see as light is based on a color spectrum that operates on...a certain frequency. Each color is created is based on its particular wavelength and it emits a certain energy because of it. Each color generates a vibration that interacts with our own energy field that plays a role in our mental, physical and emotional well being. There are parts of our body as well as the glands inside of it that operate on certain frequencies that coincide the frequency of a color. We are all energetic beings that carry frequency that could be a altered by a multitude of things.

So much of our life experience is based on our interactions with things that are both seen and unseen. Often our understanding of these energetic forces are limited and because of that, our potential as human beings is as well. Our thoughts are also an expression of a particular frequency. When we are able to direct our thoughts, our intention actually can and does impact the frequency of physical objects which influences them energetically.

The following video is an exert from "Inner and Outer Worlds" that addresses many of the principles presented here as well as many others. The entire video is excellent. Hopefully there is something that will catch your attention that will possibly influence the way you see the world.

There are several different Universal Principles and interpretations of them. The intention here was to focus on timeless concepts and to bring attention to them. The Principles of One, Sacred Geometry, The Sacred Spiral and Vibration the all have existed long before humanity yet their influence and impact on humanity is evident. It is hoped that this information has provided the reader with some sustinence to continue to research these concepts and others. By no means is this presented as an absolute truth, but as something to bring awareness of things they may not be knowledgeable of.

This spiral pattern is on the back of the head of every human being. We are connected in ways we are unaware of.

Glyph Chaco Canyon, Mex
Spiral petroglyph at the V-Bar-V Ranch, Verde Valley, Arizona.
Native american petogylph
 Spiral and Serpent Petroglyph     Cabeceras de Izcagua  La Palma, Canary Islands
Woman spiral

The total human experience, is a result of vibration and frequency. Although both sight and sound are the result of frequencies that are received and deciphered by the brain, scientist have discovered that all human beings are not only receptors of energy but they also transmit energy and information as well.  Studies have been done that show that the heart generates a signal that creates a electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body. This field can be detected up to 4 feet away from the body. This field of energy interacts and is influenced by the energy of other people, their emotions, their words, certain sounds, colors and light.  The more positive energetic experiences that we are exposed to, the more energy is generated and it is speculated, the stronger our ability to send and receive energy. The opposite also is true. Negative experiences create disharmony which impacts our overall health. This may contribute to why Heart disease is first in causes of death of people in the world. Ultimately, the more harmonious your frequency is, the healthier an individual is which allows individuals to reap the benefits of being in tune to the universal vibration.

The third is the Principle of "The Sacred Spiral". The spiral is a phenomenon that is expressed in all that we identify as reality. It can be observed in everything from the atomic to astronomical levels. All physical matter is made up of atoms. If we were to look at the structure of an atom and compare it to that of the planetary movements that occur in our solar system, it is easy to see this energy is continuous throughout the seen and unseen existence.

The building blocks of all living things is referred to as DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid. It is responsible for the development of each aspect of our being. DNA exist on several dimensions and connects all living things and to the earth itself. Just as spiraling atoms are the building blocks of matter, DNA is the basis of living creatures and is an expression of the Sacred Spiral as well. Every human being has this information embedded in every aspect of their reality. Human beings are not separate from the universe, we are in the universe and the universe is in us. The energy that impacts and influences the universe therefore has the same effect on us.

The spiral is one of the oldest examples of artwork that has been created by human beings. They date as far back as at least 10,000 B.C.E. and they have been carved by ancient civilizations throughout the world.  They have been found on every continent on the planet. The question then becomes, how did these different groups of people spread across the earth end up carving the same spiral glyphs without any form of communication, and why? It is possible that through the observation of nature that the ancients were able to observe the cycles of life? The rising and setting of the sun? The phases of the moon? Or is there a deeper meaning?  Depending on the region, the change in climate, the migration of animals, etc, whatever the means, they were aware of it's importance to their lives.

The fourth Universal Principle is the Principle of Frequency and Vibration. Reality as we know it is based on this principle. The universe is an infinite field of energy that is constantly vibrating and everything in it emits a frequency. The energy of stars, planets and moons influence all things on an energetic level. Although some of there waves move too slowly to be detected by our senses or the technological advancements of today, they still influence all things. This is one of the many reasons why the ancients were so enthralled by astrology. They understood, monitored and utilized these energies to benefit humanity on an vibratory level.