There are many classical definitions of Natural Sciences but what will be focused on here are those that are undervalued and considered "false sciences" by contemporary scientist. Ironically, these sciences date back to antiquity, yet rarely is there importance addressed in academic institutions.  It is a proven fact that ancient civilizations, in many ways were both scientifically and technologically superior in the manner in which modern societies are operating from today. These sciences were based on utilizing and manipulating the energy that comes from natural sources (i.e. the universe, planets and the earth itself). Among the sciences that will be acknowledged here are Astrology, Ley Lines and Grounding. As more people are becoming aware of these sciences, a new perspective of our place on the planet and our interaction with and understanding of the earth is emerging.

It's been discovered that ancient people throughout the world, were using forces that are generated by the movement of celestial bodies and channeling that energy for a multitude of reasons. One of which was to heighten the spiritual awareness of the people in a particular region.  Evidence of this can be found in the construction and arrangement of giant stone megaliths that have been erected in a multitude of areas throughout the world.  It has been determined, that the use of certain structures, stones, proportions, values, and frequencies, that ancient civilizations were using the genius of nature to develop and elevate their existence. This indicates that several 1,000's of years ago, ancient man not only charted the movements of planets, moon and stars, but they understood their influences on the earth and the nature of living things. Today, this is referred to as Astrology

Astrology can be defined as the study of the movements and the positions of celestial bodies and their correlation in influencing human behavior and earthly events. This particular science is many millennia old, but it's exact origins are still a mystery, shrouded in myths and legends. The fact is, that ancient man was well aware of this information to a degree that is difficult for modern science to accept. To date, the most antiquitous evidence of highly technical celestial observation was found in ancient Nubia (modern Sudan) in the region of Nabta Playa.

This megalithic stone circle has been dated back to at least 11,000 B.C.E. It has been determined that whoever built this observatory, had to have knowledge of the Milky Way Galaxy. These stones are believed to have kept track of constellations over a period of 26,000 years all while accounting for the precession of the earth.

Among other things, they mark the Vernal Equinox Heliacal or the first day of spring based on the star Vega, as well as the summer solstice. The stones outside the circle accurately mapped the distances of many stars in the Orion Constellation as well. For this to be over 13,000 years old indicates that what we are being taught as well as our interpretation of history is extremely limited. For a more detailed explanation, click here to read the article published in "Atlantis Rising".  It is clear that the relevance of the stars was central to their beliefs and it calls to question, how could human beings reach this level of sophistication, 1,000's of years ago and for what purpose? Just the possible answers to these questions boggle the mind.

It has been scientifically proven that human beings are comprised of the same elements that are found in the universe. We are literally made of "star dust". Without the distractions of the mind that exist today, our ancestors were able to think on levels that are close to impossible in a modern world. As mentioned on the Universal Principles page, many understood that everything in existence was interconnected. As a result, they were able to determine that what was occurring on one level (as in the heavens) would also occur on other levels (as in, on earth and in human beings as well). Just as the energy generated from the sun is the source of life of everything on the earth and forces of the moon has the ability to pull the waters of oceans, each planet emanates a particular force which impacts everything on the earth and the life forms that live on it as well.

The configuration of the sun, moon, planets and stars over a particular location, generates forces that impact the physical, psychological and spiritual nature of individuals that are born. From these configurations, certain traits, inclinations and characteristics are formed as well as things that are destined. These forces not only impact individuals but all of humanity, other lifeforms and everything else on the planet. The research done by Graham Hancock and others indicates that many ancient temples, like Angkor Wat, the Pyramids of Giza, Mexico and China all have been aligned to constellations. It is also been shown that the Washington Monument was built in conjunction with Virgo and several other structures on the National mall were built in the same fashion. All to draw from or replicate the forces produced by these heavenly bodies.

What we currently know as the Zodiac and Horoscopes is also a very ancient concept which has been oversimplified to a point where, the relevance of these planetary bodies has lost much of its meaning to the majority of the population. It was through the extensive research of these sciences, that allowed ancient astrologers to observe, chart and divide the heavens into the 12 zodiac signs and process the influences of the arrangement of these heavenly bodies. Because of it's complexities and the amount of information one would have to know, only a segment of the population were astrologers, yet practically all societal disciplines utilized these sciences because of their significance. It can be applied to everything from politics to personal matters from family to your occupation. No one on the planet has the same exact horoscope. This is because a complete chart includes the zodiac sign the sun enters, the houses the planets were in as well as the exact time and location on the earth.  This is why people who have the same Sun Sign can have such different personalities or inclinations.

Although there are several components that go into a complete horoscope reading, the most influential and important aspect of astrology is the sun. The birth chart begins with your Sun Sign. Your Sun Sign is the constellation the sun was in when you were born. It is the strongest of all inborn traits. From this comes your life purpose, creative abilities and qualities. They express one's spirit, individuality and health These are less likely to change.

Planets generate the fundamental aspects of the various personality types and psychological inclinations. The house or sign the planet is in at the time of your birth shows where your consciousness is focused.  The sign a planet is in will indicate the energy that is working through that planet's personality type. A thorough knowledge of the planets and their natures is the most essential part of Astrology. Each sign has a planet where it is exalted, where its energy is pure and elevated to the level of perfection. A sign's complement is where a planet's energy is positive. If a planet is the opposite of it's exaltation, it is in fall or dishonor. Detriment is when a sign is opposite its rulership. Its energy is then weakened. Each of the planetary traits, the sign they are ruled by, their Detriment, Exaltation and Fall are illustrated in the chart below.

Another major aspect of Astrology are the 12 Astrological Houses. These houses are separate from the 12 zodiac signs but similar as well. They both resemble wheels divided into 12 sections but the zodiac is based on the Sun's appearance in the constellations over the course of a year, while the 12 Houses are based on the earth's 24 hour rotation. These Houses impact areas of life experience and human activity. As a sign enters a particular house, those qualities associated with the sign are expressed in experiences. It is in the house where the forces are generated that manifest as experiences that become a part of a person's life.

It is believed that the initiates of the Mystery Systems of the Nile Valley had gained access to this information by becoming fully aware of the ability to use their consciousness to transcend space and time. It has been suggested that they were able to travel through several dimensions and acquiring information from life forms higher than our own. They identified planets and groupings of stars and recorded the energy being emitted by each and how certain events on the planet would occur when those celestial bodies were above.  These movements were charted and divided into segments which gave rise to the development of what we today know as the zodiac.  These energies are still prevalent today but are often devalued by the general public but are embraced by those who are aware of there power.

This is what leads to one of the oldest and most intriguing of these sciences. Thousands of years ago, ancient people were aware of lines of Electromagnetic Energy. This energy grid covers the entire planet. These lines of energy today are referred to as "Ley Lines". Depending on the region one resided, the name would change. Native Americans called them "Spirit Lines". In Asia, "Dragon Lines" and in Australia they were called "Dream Lines". Since the ancients to the present, pyramids, temples, statues, etc... were placed on these lines to draw from the natural energy generated. There are several structures placed where two of these lines crossed, which bore, a higher concentration of the earth's energy. Not only were they placed there, but they were built at a level of sophistication that we do not possess today. Many of these structures were built to coincide with the equinox, incorporated the Golden Ratio, the 26,000 year cycle of the earth (precession), are aligned with the constellations that would have been above them in the year 10,500 B.C.

What is most interesting is, that vast majority of them are in alignment with each other over the distances of miles that circumnavigate the earth. The builders of these structures often used granite which contained magenite, which is a natural conductor of electric energy. Many of these civilizations that constructed these structures also had myths or a belief system that centered around the sun and it's movements. Strangely enough, the energy is strongest at sunrise due to the fact that the change of the earth's geomagnetic field generates the strongest electric current at that time. This energy runs near the surface of the earth and underwater along these lines. Scientifically, they are referred to as Telluric currents.  All of the following structures were built on and connected through these energetic lines. Many of which are built upon two lines that cross to maximize the subtle energies that are generated.


There is a great deal of information that surrounds these structures, their similarities and their implications. One thing is for certain, the world we live in today is a shadow of what once was and our understanding of history is minuscule in comparison to what has actually taken place on this planet. The following video takes the information addressed here and goes into great depth. It is difficult not to be overwhelmed by the implications of the evidence provided. This is "Pyramids, Monuments & Megaliths, Ley Lines and the Earth's Energy Grid". This is the 3rd part of a series titled "Ancient Knowledge". The entire series is extremely informative.

One thing that every other animal, bird and reptile have in common is that they are all directly connected to the earth. Modern humans are the only species that spends the vast majority of their lives insulated from the planet that provides them with everything they need to live. The consequence of this disconnection may play a role in many physical and psychological issues that are widespread in society. Of all the things that human beings take from the earth, it freely gives us all something that could rectify many of the ailments that far too many suffer from. This is referred to as Grounding also known as Earthing.

Grounding is simply allowing any part of the body to have contact with the earth. Whether it's walking barefoot or laying down, as long as person's skin is exposed to the ground. One can have barriers of natural materials, such as concrete or cotton, because they conduct the earth's energy as well, Although direct contact is best. To reap the benefits it is suggested to spend at least 30 minutes grounding, but the more time one can spend, the more effective the result. The looming question is, how does this work? Or does this really work?

Well, human beings, like every other creature on the planet, are bio-electrical in nature. The brain, heart, central nervous system, muscles, emotions and cells all operate by using electricity. In every aspect, our bodies utilize electric charges in order for it to work properly. If there is an electrical disruption, the bodily functions will be adversely affected as well.

Earthing Feet.jpg

Unlike the numerous species that live in the forest, savannas, jungles, etc... human beings are exposed to an overwhelming amount of unnatural electrical pollution. Man made electricity produces both low and high frequency Electro-Magnetic Fields which have been shown to effect everything in the human body from DNA, to sleep patterns, to the immunity system. They play a significant role in increasing the positive charge the human body naturally carries, which builds up over time. This has an detrimental impact on the manner in which the body operates and the overall health of a person both physically and psychologically. The body generates "free radicals". They protect the body from bacteria, viruses and other unnatural things once they enter the body. They also assist in healing an injury by causing inflammation. Without negative electrons to balance or reduce the positive charge, too many free radicals can create excessive inflammation which leads to several health related problems.

Our houses, phones, computers, etc...all emit electrical energy. The machines, appliances and devices that we use are "grounded" by the earth. The earth provides a place for excess electricity to go. It is understood in electrical terms, that 1. Grounding protects against electrical overload. 2. Grounding helps direct electricity to it's proper place in the circuit. 3. Grounding stabilizes the voltage to insure the right amount of electricity goes to where it needs to be. Being that humans are electrical beings, these same benefits that apply to electrical equipment, applies to them and every other living creature.


The earth is similar to a enormous electric circuit that not only is a conductor of natural energy but it also carries a negative charge.  As a result, when people connect to the earth, it provides negative electrons the body needs to neutralize the "free radicals". This reduces inflammation and the many illness that result from it. Research has shown that "Grounding" or "Earthing" has assisted in reducing pain in muscles and joints, blood pressure, stress levels, snoring, recovery time from injury, circulation, and a series of other ailments that have plagued the body.


The following video "Down to Earth" provides a brief but rather through explanation of how "Grounding" works.

The earth is a natural conductor of energy as well as a antioxidant and "Earthing" is arguably the most effective and least expensive method of providing your body with the electrons it needs to keep the body operating at its most optimal manner. The earth has always provided humanity with everything it needs to survive. In this case, it offers something that insures the overall well being of its tenants that can be maintained without have to paying a fee. It is a producer, a provider and a maintainer of life in all aspects.  Awareness will soon bring about a renewed respect for all that the earth as done and continues to do for those who occupy it.