Everything in the universe moves in a constant circular motion. This is an expression of order, harmony, and balance.  These attributes were central to the development of this company. It is our aim to provide different perspectives to the current music and mental state in our communities, and play our part in bringing a sense of resolve back to those who are looking for it. Our goal is to accomplish this through our Music and Message Divisions.


The Music Division of Clockwise Productions was established with the intention of supplying "listeners" with an alternative to the commercial and mainstream sound. The mission is to shed light on talented underground & independent artist and simply play music with real lyrical content and an upbeat vibe. Often artists use music to express the ups and downs in life through creative language, both of which will be heard here, with a bias towards the positive. Clockwise Productions offers listeners a variety of music that covers several genres and hopefully you find something that appeals to you.


The Metaphysical Message Division was developed with the objective of providing information that is universal in nature and pervades all that exist regardless of the system of belief. The ultimate goal is to play our part in establishing a foundation for physical, mental, and spiritual elevation by dissolving many of the boundaries that limit a communal existence among all living things. In addition to addressing many concepts, posting links, videos and commentary, there will be multiple topics that could be addressed in a lecture/presentation format.


We appreciate your support and we are hopeful that you enjoy your stay.  Feel free to explore each of the links, join our mailing list, make suggestions as well as musical submissions. With your assistance, we can continue "Moving in the Right Direction".




CEO Ira Jarrette

The Incredible DJ IDAI