Human sciences refers the understanding of the subtle energy that surrounds and flows throughout the human body. There are several different disciplines that have developed over the centuries that are designed to use these energies for the purpose of achieving optimal health both mentally and physically. These sciences are ages old and still are a part of many eastern cultural traditions.  These beliefs have spread throughout the world and are becoming more popular in the west. Although there are many directions that can be traveled in regards to this topic, the scope will be narrowed to Energy Meridians, Chakras, Reflexology, and Yoga. These sciences address how to identify, develop, increase and utilize these forces. By no means is this information purporting to be a substitute for modern medicine, but at the same time, it is imperative that people become more aware of the power that they have at their disposal and benefit from making use of these sciences.

The first of these sciences is referred to as Energy Meridians. This refers to a network of channels that run through the entire body that transport energy, chi, qi, prana, or the life force that is the basis of what life is. It is believed that there are over 350,000 of these channels of energy that run throughout the body. They are responsible for each of the systems that operate in the body (i.e. nervous, circulatory, respiratory, lymphatic, and digestive system. These channels also make up the subtle energy within the body that impact the intangibles like emotions, thoughts, impulses, etc... There are twelve Principal Body Meridians and two Centerline Meridians. The twelve are joined in six pairs that compliment each other. Six carry yin energy that travels up and six that carry yang that flows downward.  A person will remain in a healthy state as long as the energy flow remains balanced. If there is a blockage, or an disharmonious flow of this life force, illness will result. When a person gets a massage, accupuncture, accupressure, reiki, etc... what they are actually doing is balancing the flow of energy.

The knowledge of this is centuries old and was practiced by indigenous people throughout the world. The ancient healers, shamans, sages, priest, etc...were aware of this flow of energy in the body and understood that  healing was directly related to maintaining its movement. It is believed that the origin of this information began in ancient Africa, yet may be even older. This information traveled to the east where it was maintained and adopted varied terminologies. In India, these passageways were referred to as the Nadis, in Thailand, the Sen, in China, Vessels. They recorded that their are several thousands nadis, but there are three paramount nadis that cross along the spinal cord. They are referred to as the Ida, Pingala, and the Shushumna. The six areas in the body where they converge, creates a vortex of energy which are referred to as Chakras. These three channels begin at the base of the spinal cord or the Mooladhara (Root) Chakra and end at the Ajna (Thirdeye) Chakra.

The ancient caretakers knew that energies ran throughout the body and sciences were designed to increase and maintain its flow. When there is a blockage of energy on certain meridians, this is what causes "dis-ease" or pain to occur in the areas connected to that particular channel. Out of this understanding, several diverse practices of came into existence to open the channels of energy to allow the body to heal itself. Among these are Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Qong and Reiki. The value in understanding this information is evident in how widespread it is in cultures throughout Asia and Africa to this very day.

This leads directly to the next human science, Chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means "wheel of light". In this case it refers to the cone shaped vortexes within the body that draw energy from the universe and channels it to the many meridians in the body.  Though this energy is the source of all human activity, very little is known about it by the majority of people.























​There are several questions about who we are and what life is, but it is believed are nothing more than eletro-magnetic vibrational energetic fields

Although some believe there are 72,000 energy vortexes throughout the body, the focus will be on the main seven. The energies associated with each Chakra manifest in several different forms. Within the same region, the major glands in the human body, a different level of consciousness associated with each as well as a frequency expressed in a color and sound. These energies play a role in our psychological, emotional and physical well being.

knowledge of different healing modalities is the focus. In the Emerald Tablets, which he is said to have authored, he addresses the subconscious energies that are the catalyst for healing the physical body. Today, modern science is well aware of the Placebo and the Nocebo effect. Where it has been scientifically proven that our thoughts (Thoth) have the ability to heal or damage our bodies. Our thoughts and words are energetic and they interact with the energy in the universe, which manifest in our physical body. 

There is a direct correlation between our consciousness and our psychological, emotional and physical well being. Our cons

The energy in the Ida (Yin, Moon, Feminine) and the Pingala (Yang, Sun, Masculine) runs from the Root Chakra to the back or center of the head. Where they cross are where the chakras are located. Energy that flows freely through these channels without impediment is the basis for optimal health. This concept became the foundation of the symbol of western medicine. Ironically, the Caduceus is found in practically every medical institution, yet it is actually a symbol of the movement of natural energy. It's  origin is accredited to the Greek deity Hermes, though the concept is known to date back to his predecessor of thousands of years, the Netcher Thoth of ancient Kemet (Egypt). He is said to be the creator of writing and an advisor to the Gods. In this case, his


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